White Lotus Motors Pvt. Ltd. was formed as a corporate entity to launch various electric vehicles in Nepal. Initially, it will serve as the distributor of PureEV in Nepal, a company committed to driving the future of e-mobility and energy storage systems. The Company designs and manufactures Electric Vehicles and Lithium Batteries with its headquarters in India. It is one of the leading and growing business companies in Nepal with an innovative and motivated group of individuals having a major emphasis on developing good, commercial, and sustainable relationships with fellow clients.

The company is enthusiastic and interested in developing distributors and trading relations with a vivid number of brands at the national and international levels. In context to this, the company undertake projects and relations that thoroughly benefit the country which is inclusive of the projects and business-like renewable energy sector, distributorship of electrical vehicles, construction business, and many more that directly or indirectly contributes to the national development.

PURENERGY acronym stands for Power Using Renewable Energy and true to its name ever since the its genesis at IIT Hyderabad, the company has focused on enabling transition to sustainable energy sources. Energy storage technology has been a key area of expertise for the company. Likewise, PureEv Nepal is one of the productive outcomes where we work on import, export, and distribution of electrical automobiles and their parts throughout the country. Our influential leaders have put forth an extraordinary effort in developing a vision of the distribution of electric vehicles across Nepal and we are pushing to live up to that thought by working with an Indian electrical automobile brand “PureEv”. As of now, we import, export, and distribute electrical scooters, electrical bicycles, and electrical batteries, prompting Nepal towards the use of renewable and sustainable energy.

For more info: http://pureev.com.np/