Nepal Warehousing Company Ltd. is one of the largest private undertakings in the agriculture sector of Nepal which has been established with the objective to address gaps in agribusiness value chain. Founded by Nimbus, ownership of Nepal Warehousing Company Limited is broad-based with equity participation from Shikhar Insurance, NMB Bank, Team Ventures, Shreenagar Agro, and TNA. In addition to modern storage, NWCL will facilitate transportation, finance, insurance and marketplace services to farmers, millers and traders.

During early years, the business will be managed with technical support from India’s largest operator of warehouses – NCML, a Fairfax Company. The company has started to build large scale grain warehousing unit in over 52 Ropani land which will allow farmers and alike to test, dry, and store their grains. The warehousing units will also provide receipt financing, allowing farmers to avail of financing based on the value of their stored grains. The company plans on building and operating at least one major warehouse in each of the seven states in Nepal and the company has already acquired around 200 Ropani of land for additional warehouses.