About Us

TEAM Ventures is an alternative investment firm based in Kathmandu, Nepal. Promoted by a dynamic group of businesspeople with experience across multiple sectors, our mode to success is built on a collaborative approach that harnesses the power of great teams to generate the best ideas and strategies.


TEAM Ventures envisions to be a leading alternative capital provider in Nepal to support entrepreneurial growth and maximize value for our investors with efficient short and long-term capital allocation strategies.

  • To be a trusted partner of choice for our investors by consistently providing superior returns.
  • To nurture long-term relationships with like-minded entrepreneurs and support their vision by giving access to capital, network, and knowledge to help them build and grow great companies.
  • To continuously and diligently pursue short and long-term opportunities in various asset classes for our capital deployment.
  • To build a firm that attracts, nurtures, and retains exceptional human capital that fosters a culture of SMART Investing

We abide by the culture of SMART investing.

S: Superior and Sustainable Returns

M: Managing Risks

A: Accountability

R: Rigorous Diligence

T: Trusted Relationships

What We Do

We invest in private and public companies/institutions to promote entrepreneurship and to foster institutional development by injecting equity capital & by providing strategic assistance in the managerial & governance level of the investee company to scale up and expand their business operations. We work to deliver long-term sustainable value to our stakeholders and make a difference in what we do.

Besides the progress achieved through investment activities with great efforts to maintain the highest level of corporate ethics & governance, TEAM Ventures is at the forefront of creating a professional and knowledge-oriented investor group who are well-positioned to work with local and foreign companies with the interest of having a positive impact on the socio-economic indicators of the local economy while also ensuring the optimal investor returns.

How We Invest

We are industry agnostic with a constant focus on balance growth, diversification, and investor returns with both short and long-term strategies. We aim to deliver sustainable value over the long term as an active institutional investor to our stakeholders and make a difference in what we do.

Our approach to investment is based on a disciplined due diligence process and rigorous analysis that calculates risk while identifying the catalysts for increased value. With extensive market research and appraisal of a particular business/sector, we seek companies with credible precedent, disruptive business models, exponential growth potential, and a great team.